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Ultimate Girls Guide to Figure and Physique Bodybuilding Competitions

All you need to know about Bikinis!

1 When should I start thinking about getting a bikini?

Most people start dieting 12 - 14 weeks out from a contest. At this time you should make your self a check list. On that list is your bikini. At around 8 weeks out from contest you will need to get in touch with your bikini designer and discuss options, colour, fabric and style. At this stage you shouldn't get it made as you will still come down in bodyfat and weight. But let your designer know your intentions so they can plan.

2. How is a "figure" bikini different to a bodybuilding one?

A regular bodybuilding bikini is one shape, one design. It has the triangles covering the bust and the 3 quarter cut bottom at the back and in the front generally has a scooped front but you can have a more V cut here. Your figure/fitness contest bikini normally is made from a more flattering fabric which may have diamanties or sequins stitched on to it. You can have any design of bikini cup and ofcourse the straps eg. holter top crosses over at back. Go with what will enhance your physique.

3. Should I get one custom made?

Yes, I would recommend getting one made. It will then fit like a glove and if you use a good designer they will make a mock bikini before the final one so you can see what it looks like. This is normally made with scrap fabric and has no trimmings on it


4. How many should I get?

If you choose a light colour you may wish to have two. Otherwise for your first contest, one is fine. Just ensure it is made to fit and isn't going to snap a strap (which doesn't happen very often!).

5. What fabrics can I use?

Figure bikinis can use any fabric. I wouldn't recommend PVC or a hard fabric as it doesn't sit well and can detract from your physique. Generally use something that stretches.

6. Is it best to have patterned or plain one?

A patterned bikini can be distracting. I would recommend plain colours and dress them up. You can use 2 different colours however I wouldn't have one on top and a different colour on the bottom. I wouldn't recommend stripes.

7. What accessories can I have on it?

The sky's the limit with your accessories. Cost is the big thing here. The more you have the dearer your bikini gets.

8. What shouldn't I have on a bikini?

At this stage I haven't seen anything on a bikini that's not tasteful. Once again, I wouldn't recommend different colour top and bottom.

9. How do I know which is the best colour for me?

Always go with a colour you look good in and one which people always compliment you on. Other than that, head off to your local bikini shop or underwear shop and try different colours on. Remember you will be heavily tanned so make your judgement on this as well.

10. What's the worst colour for the stage?

The worst colours are whites and yellows. They get very dirty and there's nothing worse than seeing a tan smudged bikini.

11. What's the best colour for the stage?

Safest colour on stage is black.

12. What type of bikini distracts from your physique?

The type of bikini that distracts is one that doesn't suit you. Good assistance from your trainer or an honest friend is always helpful. Try lots on and be sure in yourself. Always try different tops on.

13. What kind of cut enhances physique?

If you want to enhance your shoulders, a halter neck always looks good. If you want to look narrow in the waist, the bikini needs to sit high on the hips and go with a V design rather than a scoop. If you have scarring on your abdominal region then the scoop may be better. A firm cup always helps with the finish of a bikini however you don't want the false look either.

A bikini can be expensive, however if you take into account the investment in your training in the past 6 months, the dieting over the last 14 weeks, the extra posing and aerobic work - the investment is worthwhile. Don't cut yourself short, have a bikini design that will enhance your physique and make your day not ugly but only enjoyable and memorable. Happy competing.

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