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Krisztina Sereny


My name is Krisztina Sereny. I was born on 6th of August, 1976 in Budapest as second child of a sporting family. Due to fact that my father was a professional swimmer it is almost self evident that I was swimming in children's sport group since I was 3 and in junior group later on. I attended the swimmers nursery school and a sport primary school afterwards. When I was 14 my attention was attracted by a sport completely new to me: fencing. Until 18 years of age I was épéeing as representative player in the junior Hungarian international team. In the meantime I successfully earned my diploma in the secondary school called Russian-Hungarian Bilingual School.

I continued my studies on the academy for European assistant manager training called Schola Europa. Due to my knee injury I had to quit fencing for good. I met my fitness trainer Gabor David in 1997, and this meeting changed my life. I earned 4th place on the Hungarian Championship in the first season. I was bronze medallist on the International Grand Prix held in Slovakia, also earned 2nd place on the Hungarian Natural Body Building competition and won the Hungarian Fitness Cup in 1998. Next year I won all competitions:
- The Hungrian Cup
- Burizer Body Building and Fitness Championship
- Austrian Grand Prix International Fitness Championship

Due to my results I am the only professional fitness competitor of Hungary since January 2001-2002 and one of the most sought after fitness stars in Europe,thanks for my website www.krisztinasereny.com. During my half year long Canadian and American tour in 2001, we were guests of one of the biggest body building and fitness competition and exhibition of the world where we met the most popular competitors of the world, also with Arnold Schwarzenegger among others. We visited popular magazines where we were welcomed with great hospitality. One of overseas' most famous fitness magazines /Robert Kennedy's Oxygen/ issued a introductory article on me, about my plans and desires.
In 2003 my dream become reality. I got the cover of Playboy magazine. I was the first fitnesschampion to get it worldwide.
Also in 2003 I met two great people, Fabien Debecq and Serge Nubret, who changed my life completely. I started to compete in WABBA, where I was won the European Championship in 2004.
I am always the guest star on the biggest expos, thanks for my great sponsors...

Favorite food: David's chicken penne.
Favorite car: a pink Lotus Elise roadster

1998 IFBB. Hungarian ch. 4-th. place
1998 NABBA Hungarian ch. 2-nd. place
1998 IFBB. Hungarian cup. 1-st. place
1999 IFBB. Hungarian ch. 2-nd. place
1999 IFBB. Austrian International ch. 1-st. place
1999 IFBB. Burizer cup. 1-st. place
1999 IFBB. Hungarian cup. 1-st. place
2000 IFBB. Slovakian International ch. 3-th. place
2000 IFBB. HPLBF. Burizer cup. 3-th. place
2001 IFBB. Pro Fitness European Cup. 8-th place
2003 WABBA European ch 6-th place
2003 WABBA World ch 7-th place
2004 WABBA European ch. 1-st place

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