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Sensational Fitness Model

Nikki Warner

I am a 25 y.o., college student at Ball State Univ., working on a dietetics degree.. I have been lifting ten years, competing for 7 years. During those years I competed in bodybuilding off and on for five years and figure for 2 years.

Fitness Model, Competitor
Figure is much more suitable for me since I have a natural physique with lots of soft feminine curves. I love big muscles but I do not have the bulk and striations to do well at the national bodybuilding level of competition. In my heart, natural, healthy feminine muscles is what female bodybuilding and fitness should be about.

Career Highlights
I held my cross-country school record for 7 yrs. along with receiving MVP in track and cross-country for 3 yrs. I was the only one in the history of my school to do well at the regional level, along with making All-City, All-County, and All-Sectionals

1997 All-Natural Central USA (1st)
2002 Ms. Ball State University (1st and overall)
2003 Ms. BSU (1st/overall)
2003 Collegiate national overall champ

March 2002 Hoosier Muscle Classic-Natl. Qualifier (1st)
April 2002 Jr. USA (3rd); June 2002 Indianapolis show-Natl. Qualifier (1st and overall); July 2002 Midwestern-Natl. Qualifier (2nd)
August 2002: Team Universe Figure Nationals (Pro Qualifier)
June 2003: Jr. Natl. (10th/26); Indiana championships (1st and overall)
July 2003: Collegiate natl. overall figure champ

I've worked with various photographers including Gene Hwang, Mike Druskin, Gene Carangal, JM Manion; Joe Lobell; and Guido Marcovelli.. I am featured on alot of different websites .....do a search on my name and you will find out where I am on the web or check out my links page! My fanclub is great too since it contains hundreds of photos.

First Interest In Fitness/Bodybuilding
I was a skinny 90 lbs. runner my Soph. year in H.S. I hated looking that way and desperately wanted to have some curves. One advantage to being thin was the less a weighed the better runner you were.. My brother, Brad, who is a good amateur bodybuilder persuaded me to start wt. training. Within one month I had joined my local YMCA and I was hooked from then on out.

Goal Within The Fitness Industry
I would like to become a professional figure competitor. After turning pro. I would like continue doing guest appearances along with some modeling work for magazines, etc. This will also help me out with my future career as a dietition. In the future, I would like to open up my own nutrition counseling and supplement business.

Precontest Diet

Here is a one day sample...I don't eat the same thing everyday...... I use alot of variety and include a cheat day once a week..... that is a pig out day when I eat anything and everything!!!

Before Breakfast: 5gm. Twinlab creatine/ glutamine/ 2gm. Twinlab pyruvate

Cardio: eliptical climber 30min.

After Cardio: 1.5gm. HMB (Twinlab); Myoplex or Met-rx meal replacement; 250mg. alpha-lipoic acid

Meal 2: 7 egg whites; 1 c. cooked oats with sweet/low; 2 tsp flax oil; 2 chitosan (for fiber)

Weight Workout: legs (before workout: 5gm. glutamine/creatine/ ZMA) **Wts. take 50-60min.

After Workout: Myoplex or Met-rx mrp; alpha; pyruvate

Meal 3: 4 oz. cooked chicken or a can tuna; 1 hard-boiled egg if having tuna salad; stirfry veg. (Mrs. Dash); 1/2 to 3/4 c. cooked pasta or rice

Meal 4: 4oz. cooked chicken or lean round steak; large salad with Paul Newman's oil/vinegrete dressing; 3/4 c. cooked brown rice with mrs. dash

Meal 5: Protein Plus Met-rx protein powder/ZMA/HMB/Pyruvate

2 weeks before a show I add in a fat-burner and GKG

Training Precontest (3 months out)

Month 1: Cardio 3X week for 30 min.
Month 2: Cardio 4-5X week for 45min.
Month 3: Cardio 5X week for 60min. (2 separate sessions of 30min.a piece).

Wt. Schedule
Mon. (Chest): Tues: (Back) Wed: (Rest) Thurs: (Legs) Fri. (Arms) Sat.: Shoulders Sun. (Rest)

I have the same wt. training shedule, however, I do Back and Shoulders together, which gives me an extra day of rest

*****I don't do any cardio offseason. This allows me to grow and get stronger. Therefore, when I do start cardio precontest my body really responds to it and it helps me get really lean since my body is not use to doing it year-round.


Favorite body part to work: Arms
I love working arms because the visualization of seeing the muscles pump up is unbelievable! Besides, my triceps being one of my better body parts.

Ideal vacation: It def. has to have lots of sand, sunny beaches, with loads of sunshine. A bottle of fine red wine and of course the one I love right by my side. We would spend a quiet romantic night together dining on wonder food, drinking our wine, and loving every moment of each other's presence!

Least favorite food: sushi.....yuck! I don't like raw shrimp, crab, or lobster either unless it is breaded or has slews of sauce on top of it.lol!

Ideal Man: Caring, loving, non-arrogant, loves to cuddle, sensitive, fit, open-minded, honest, trustworthy, considerate, and understanding. Of couse I wouldn't mind a hard body with dark hair and eyes but personality def. comes first. I love bald-headed men too!

Relationship Status: Single but unavailable

Personality: Easy going, friendly, open-minded, and honest

Things I hate: People who brag, dishonest people, back stabbers, and jealous people. Besides that I hate flying and slaving away at cardio. come precontest time.

Favorite animals: I love rabbits......angora, mini dwarfs, mini-lops, etc. They are so cute, gentle, and timid! Too lovable!

Favorite food: Chinese food is the bomb. I especially like the crab rangoon and General's chicken!

Favorite movie: Shawhank Redemption..this movie is funny, sad, and very entertaining!

Favorite shoes: Definitely my 4 inch heeled sandels that I purchased in NY. I'm 5'6 with these babies on.....whew hoo

Workout wear: I normally wear some cotton tights with a cute cut-off top or tank top. Precontest I like to wear hotskins shorts with my ballistic bodywear sports bra!

Favorite diet food: cottage cheese and egg omelets

Favorite music: all types..hip-hop; rap; alternative; heavy. I esp. like to listen to upbeat music when working out...Limp Biz.; Kid Rock; etc.

Bits and Pieces: I'm a very open-minded individual and love to have a great time. However, I am very serious when it comes to working out and school.

Car I drive: 2001 Camero Z-28...Of course it's a sporty one. I love to drive fast!

Favorite Dessert: Cancannon's creme filled chocolate cake...yum yum!

Favorite Cardio Wkt: Elliptical...It is easy on the joints and works your entire body.

******e-mail me questions or comments!!*******

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