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Female Fitness and Bodybuilding

Posing Practice Tips

In this update we give practical advice on how to improve your posing. We tell you what to do and what not to do while you're on stage and facing the wrath of the judges.

We wish all competitors good luck for upcoming shows and remember
practice, practice, practice!

1. When should I start posing practise?
The more posing you can do before your contest the more beneficial it will be. I would suggest you start either before you start dieting 12 - 14 weeks or at
least 12 weeks before the contest.

2. How long should I practice for each day?
After or before each training session you should do 15 - 20 mins. If you are unable to do it after/before training, do it at some stage during the day.

3. What's the best way to get my poses right?
When you start out posing, pose in front of a mirror. Take yourself through a check list of what you are squeezing and the positions of all your limbs. If you are unsure of the poses enlist the help of a trainer, fellow competitor or purchase the posing video.
Then get someone to take photos of you in your poses and then video yourself and watch it. You should be posing in either a bikini or shorts and crop top so you
can see your physique.

4. What are some common mistakes competitors make when posing on stage?
Common mistakes on stage are athletes who are trying too hard and shaking when posing. Not doing the correct poses and taking too long to get into them and not holding them.

5. What should I remember when posing in front of the judges?
Remember what the poses are and perform them as they should be done. The Guidelines are written in the NZFBB booklet. This is currently being updated.

6. Can I use open hand poses if doing physique?
Most definitely. Open hand posing is more than acceptable if doing physique.

7. What's one tip you'd give for each pose?
Front Double Bicep
Keep your ribs high through your abs. This will keep you looking tall. Side Chest
Push the arm that goes across the ribs into the side of the chest. Remember to pose your legs as well as your upper body. Side Tricep
Girls keep your legs in the same position as the side chest. Keep your arm close to your side and use this for leverage.

Rear Double Bicep

Push elbows slightly forward. This will help to keep your lats out. Push your butt out when you take your leg out to the side (girls). Ab and Thigh
Stand as tall as you can. Keep your head up and blow your abs out.

8. How important is the posing routine in terms of the overall scores?
The posing routine is very important especially if you have competitors that
are close in physique.

9. Are there any poses I shouldn't do in the free posing routine?
a. The 'moon' pose eg. you stand with your back to the judges, legs apart and bend over.
b. Lying on your back on stage.

10. When do judges start judging my physique?
The minute you walk on the stage you are judged. I'm already looking at your physique. This doesn't stop until you walk off.
and what should I be doing while 'relaxed'
When you are relaxed, you need to stand as tall as possible and as big as possible. However, you want wide shoulders so keep those elbows releaxed or they will detract from what you are trying to achieve.

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