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Mascha Tieken

Place of birth
Heemstede, Netherlands
Height 5"5
Nationality Dutch
Marital state Living together with Cootje
Off season weight 134 pounds
Competition weight 126 pounds
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Brown

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Education Sportmasseuse, aerobic-instructor, fitness-instructor, medical fitness instructor, differrent food educations
Occupation Owner of For Fun Sport, a gym in Hillegom, the Netherlands, Figure professional, writer for the Dutch Oxygen Magazine (Female) and fitness coach of several starting fitness athletes.
Hobby's fitness work-out (of course) and watching movies
Pets 2 English Bulldogs (Midget and Bumper)
3 cats (Arnold, Scooter and Poezelijn)
First fitness workout 1988
First competition 1991 The Open North Holland Contest.
My first competition started as a joke. A boy at my gym told me he was going to compete. I told him "If you are going to compete, so will I". I thought he made a joke but he didn't. So after several months of dieting we stood on stage together. And it was not for nothing the both of us became first and overall.

My ambition is to find out how much I can achieve as a figure athlete and as the coach of others. I want to try to let other people see fitness and bodybuilding for wonderful sport that it is. Unfortunately it's a sport that still is not accepted and always misjudged. And of course build my gym For Fun Sport in Hillegom to a place where every fitness fanatic loves to come

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