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The Sensational

Zdenka Podkapova

Hello to everybody who has already visited my website and who wants to know something about me.
My name is undoubtedly very well known to you. Anyway, for those who missed it for various reasons, I want to tell you the following: my name is Zdenka Podkapová, I am 25 years old and I come from the Czech Republic.
These websites have been prepared by myself for those gentlemen who want to relax and take rest of everyday's patterns of life, and who want to take delight in somehow ticklish and, at the same time, pleasant pictures.

For the last 6 years I have been involved in photographic modelling, and I really enjoy it. I've came to this job by chance, by being discovered by one of a quite insignificant Czech photographers. That he really was a man of no mark I had to find out not until today. I never wanted to become a model, to place myself in front of the photographers and to go round agencies with my picture book. I also did not look for ways how to become a model. I have been found by the real life itself. Now I do not regret it in any way and, rather the opposite, I am very happy.

After a few years of preparation work in Europe I've succeeded to meet one of the most demanded, admired and famous photographers in the world - S. R., the long-year photographer of Penthouse. I dare to say that thanks to her I could be successful in my career. The co-operation with S.R. continues over a few years and I may say with pride that the more pictures we produce together the better they are. This has been confirmed by the fact that I was awarded the title of the Pet of the month in April 1999, and one year later as a Pet of the Year 2001 in the USA Penthouse.

I was very surprised by the level of professionalism of her team.
My next place of work was France where I encountered Christophe Mourthe, a very popular photographer who lives in Paris. The pictures we produced together are completely different from the glamour style. In them we can find erotic sentiments and flavours, and especially this I consider to be of importance. I have a dislike of pictures in which the models are hat stands only. Since then I was convinced, and this will remain my conviction for the future that in order to be a woman one has to have appropriate breast, hips and bottom. I do not like pictures showing a model weighing 90 pounds, dark rings under one's eyes and a fearful expression of face.

Since my childhood I always had a liking professionally appearing and beautiful nudes. In this work, however, it is very important to know some limits you can not cross over. For me these limits start at the moment when an erotic picture passes over into pornography. About this I am quite clear and I dissociate myself strictly from the pornography, although I do not condemn those who practice it. Everyone should do what makes their life happy or what earns them money to live on.

I'll try to be involved in photo-modelling for as long as my body and face keep up with the general standards of this profession. In this sense I will do my best, and to all of you, my gentlemen, I wish a pleasant and undisturbed entertainment.


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