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The Sensational


Stats: 34C-24-35 Height: 5' 6 1/2" Weight: 111 Pounds
Hair: Golden Blonde Eyes: Green Dress Size: 4
Pant Size: 4 Shoe Size: 7 1/2

MAGAZINES: People Magazine (Australia) Dec. 2002 and Sept. 2003, New Look,
Front, M,
Playboy, Playboy SE, American Rodder, El Sol, Ego Trip, Pacific Flyer.

LINGERIE CATALOGS: Sharron Leslie Designs, Athene, Ooh La La.

CATALOGS: California Exotic Catalog and Box Cover, Moto XXX Moto Cross
Catalog, Jay'z
Fashion, Private Collection International (Box Cover), Hot Spices Intl.,
(Women's Coats).

POSTERS: KMC Wheels, Custom Motor Sports, The Ron Jeremy Movie, The Big Tire
Company, Coach's Bar and Grill, Wee Tip "Report a Crime".

ADs: Pentax Camera Brochure, Casual Dateline Ads and Billboards.

MISC: Women of Soccer 2000 Calendar, CD Cover for Rubber's DJ Beej, Caveman
In The
Kitchen cookbook/dating aid.

Hard Copy and Telemundo for "Women of Soccer 2000 Calendar".
Farmclub on USA
MTV "Making it in Hollywood".
VH1/MTV Documentary on the Rock Industry.
Playboy TVs Weekend Flash.

Mystique-Magazine's Model Safari 2003 DVDs
SRS-Street Racing Syndicate (Game)

Miller Beer Girl, Farmclub.com model, Moto Cross Promo Model.

GQ Magazine Online/Gemany, Mystique-Magazine's 2003 Model Safari Finalist,
International Lingerie Convention and Fashion Show in Las Vegas, Trade
Shows, Conventions,
Body Double, Fine Art, Music Videos.

List available upon request.

BLOW: Played the Supporting Role of Stewardess #4 as well as a 1960's Beach
Girl; Directed
by Ted Demme.
WOMEN OF THE NIGHT, AKA RADIO SILENCE: Played the Supporting Role of
Girl; Directed by Zalman Kings.

KISS OF A STRANGER: Played the Party Girl with David Carradine;
Written/Directed by Sam

Directed by Ernest R. Dickerson.

NO. 11: Played the part of the Sunbathing Beach Girl; Student Film by Mike
Elkins, Los

TV Commercial Workshop with Jeff Hardwick

Cold Reading at Brian Reise Studios.

On Camera Performance by Robert Hershe at Long Beach Community College.

Introduction to Acting at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Took cabaret-style dance lessons in Tokyo and then performed on stage in a
show; it was semi Las Vegas showgirls style.

Snowboarding, Horseback Riding (English and Western), Water-Skiing,
Snorkeling, Swimming,
Yoga, Cardio Kickboxing, Weight Training, Running, Cooking, Sewing, Typing,

B.A. Degree in Communication at U.C. Santa Barbara
Minored in Health Science and Exercise

They call the wind "Meriah." The oldest of three children, Meriah Nelson was
named after that song. Like the wind, she is strong, spirited, and free.

Raised in Upland, California, Meriah remembers being extremely shy growing
up, contrary to her out-going attitude today. She describes herself as being
feminine, but not a sissy. "I loved wearing dresses and pretending I was a
princess. I also climbed trees, played softball, and even had a tool kit."
Usually too shy for boys, Meriah was in love with horses. One of her big
dreams as a little girl was to compete in the Olympics in Equestrian, just
like International Velvet. She is still a big dreamer.

The shy girl became interested in modeling while attending a John Robert
Powers modeling school at age 14. The classes, which were originally
intended to help conquer her timid ways, sparked a new interest. By the time
she was 18, Meriah had an agent and did her best to juggle college and
modeling. College had always been a must for Meriah.

While touring college campuses, Meriah instantly fell in love with the
University of California at Santa Barbara. She just had to get out of Upland
and UCSB was her type of place! "I always wanted to live on the beach. I
studied hard and played hard too!" This big party school did not stop Meriah
from graduating in four years with a 3.2 grade point average. She got her
Bachelor's of Arts degree in Communication and a minor in Health Science and

Always health conscious, Meriah is serious about taking care of her body and
mind. She works out 4 days a week, religiously. She loves cardio-kickboxing,
jogging on "The Strand" at Hermosa Beach, and yoga class. "I always eat
really healthy food first and then I don't feel so guilty when I
occasionally pig out.

Meriah moved to Redondo Beach, California. "I knew I would need to be near
Los Angeles for what I wanted to do, but I need the beach too- South Bay is
the perfect place for me now." Meriah worked as a TV extra until earning her
S.A.G. card and continues going to castings and photo shoots. With a B.A. in
Communication and experience in the modeling and media world, Meriah feels
she would be excellent at hosting a TV or cable show." Meriah will pursue
this goal for the future while continuing to model and appear on film and
commercials. She also believes she may still end up in the beauty or fitness
world or even own her own business. "Later on down the road I may want to
own a fitness/day spa, I'm into that stuff." Traveling is definitely in her
future as well.

Today, Meriah Nelson (the Scorpio) describes herself as independent,
determined, passionate, emotional, intense, and adventurous. She says she
has an "all or nothing" tendency. "I either want to be working seriously or
having the greatest time ever. Sometimes I want to be alone and other times,
I have to be around everyone. I will be dressed to kill one day and the next
day I look like a beach bum. I have very extreme behaviors and it is
difficult for people to truly figure me out."

Meriah has also been called a "free-spirit" on more than one occasion. This
may have to do with her quest for adventure, her curiosity, and thrill for
life. Meriah Nelson is happy to be alive and looks forward to making the
most of every chapter in her life.

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