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Island Company


Island Company was founded in 2003 in Miami's South Beach; the company's mission to create
a line of classic beach and travel apparel absent in the marketplace.
Led by 21 year-old swimwear designer Trisha Taylor, Island Company's styles of simple and
elegant swimwear for the 18 to 35 crowd have been widely embraced by boutiques and stores
across the USA as well as throughout the Caribbean, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

The 2004 Island Company collection consists of 13 styles of swimwear for the active female beachgoer.
With intricate beadwork, unique silkscreen techniques and durable Brazilian fabrics, Ms. Taylor's
approach is to establish Island Company as a fresh brand of comfortable styles and playful details.
Reaction to the line has been overwhelmingly positive, and with the launch of the retail website
islandcompany.com in January 2004, Island Company will soon be available to every consumer
in the country. For 2005, a men's line is already in the works along with beach and travel accessories
for the discerning tropical traveler.

Island Company previewed at MAGIC in Las Vegas in August, and at the September Surf Expo in
Orlando. They showed again at Surf Expo in January where their store accounts doubled from
30 to 60 in a few short days. All industry, buyers, press and media agents are welcome to view
the line by contacting the Island Company offices at 305.534.6700.

Samples needed for magazine interest are immediately available. Fashion stylists, editors and assistants are encouraged to call.
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Design or sales questions can be directed to:
Trisha Taylor
Head Designer

Sales questions can be directed to:
Arden Stark Bridges
Sales Manager

Press or media inquiries can be directed to:
Spencer Antle
Creative Director

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All photos copyright© Island Company


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