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Georgia Cobb

Incase you're curious....

Originally I'm from St. Louis, Missouri. Yes, the heart of the "mids."...Contrary to popular belief it is a city, of course I didn't actually live in the city part. I grew up in the suburbs, like a poster child. I'm the middle child of three, my older sister is married with three of the cutest kids in America and my younger brother is definitely the rebel without a cause at the moment :) My mom is the strongest lady I've ever met and definitely my biggest fan. She skated in the Ice Capades when she was about my age and really, when you think about it, isn't that kinda like running away with the circus...on ice? Needless to say, she's always been supportive. I love it.

I moved to La-La land to study at USC as a freshman. I had never visited the school before showing up with my bags; in fact I had never been to California before I signed on the dotted line. I figured it was a big enough school and right in the heart of downtown... I mean, I'm sure that's where all the "auditions" are right? I won't even need a car ..... OK. Culture shock, yes, but I loved every minute of it. I grew up in the safest quietest nook in the world where the biggest news to hit Town & Country (yes that's really the name of my hometown) was how much the relocation of the deer in the area would cost. ...I'm absolutely not kidding.

Between the School of Theatre and the Film School there were fabulous classes and amazing friends. We all change, that's part of the process, but I think it's about holding onto that sense of who we always knew we were

I consider myself an artist. Not because I take myself so seriously but because of the commitment to what it means to me. Whether you make someone laugh, cry, think, or even just forget about all the bullshit we're all forced to deal with day to day; to make someone feel, see or even inspire is the essence of art. To live with passion is the only way you know you're alive.

Right, so yes, I am an actress, I model, and I freelance as a graphic artist doing everything from photography to web design. I feel very fortunate. Work has been great and things seem to just be getting better. I am forever thankful for having the greatest and most supportive family.

My father and I were very close until he passed away when I was 14. That would probably be the lowest point in my life. Everyone has a history and everyone is shaped by moments and events. I wonder what he'd think, if he'd be proud but I guess all you can do is lead with the heart.

So yes. ....still standing. :)

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