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Absolute Bikini Contest Entry

Think you got what it takes to be Absolute Bikini Girl of the Month?

Send in those photo's and find out.

Entry Conditions

No correspondance entered into on these conditions.

Priority Entry:

Priority for entry will be given to: 1) New Contestants 2) Previous contestants based on time of previous entry.

Priority and positioning will be based on time entry submission is received. A new entry form is required for each entry. Earlier entries get priority.

Commencement and conclusion of contest

The contest will officially start when contestants are notified by email usually close to the start of the month as possible, and will conclude as close as possible to the end of the month. The start and finish dates will by at the discretion of and may vary slightly from time to time.


Scoring is done by a third party indepndant website. I have no influence over then scores. From time to time there may be problems with the scoring. I reserve the right to cancel scores and start again.


At least two photos must be submitted. But the more you send the better. Photos may be whatever you wish, preferably full length vertical shots, but must be high quality.

You must be at least 18 years of age to enter. Any photos found to be underage will be returned and not entered into the contest. They photos must be of the model entering.

By submitting your photo you agree to let us post your photos to help promote our website on an ongoing basis. We respect your copyright. Your photos will never be given away or sold to anybody outside of

We reserve the right to change photos of individual models during the running of the contest. This may be because of the quality of particular photos. We want to make sure that each model has the best chance. If you have a preferred photo please let us know.


The winner shall be the person with the highest number of votes at the end of the month. She will receive her name and photo on our frontpage for the highest possible exposure for the entire month, a separate page providing the details given to use below and links to your email address and website, and a free ongoing posting of your name on our models page.

You can only win the contest once but you can enter as many times as you like. If you are a past winner and have the highest votes, the winner will be the highest votes of those models that have not won before.


In the event that prizes are given that are not directly provided by, but by other sponsers, Absolute Bikini takes no responsibility for these prizes should they fail to materalise. Absolute Bikini can only be responsible for prizes related directly to this site.

Conditions Summary

- MUST be 18 years or over
- Attractive models 18-30
(Please note, standards are being kept relatively high so the site is kept to a manageable number of girls.)
- No fakes. They must be your own photoss
- Softcore models and pictures only - no hardcore or explicit nudity.
- Winners determined by total votes counted on our polling script
- Monthly contests end the final day of the month at 12 midnight est
-You may only win one regular monthly contest
- Attempts to cheat will result in being banned
- We reserve the right to disqualify contestants for breaking of rules or disrepution to the site

Please provide the following details with your photo..

Name **

Age **

Email **

Web address**

Your Height **

Your Weight **

Your Bust Size? **

Hometown **

Hobbies **

Will you accept email from visitors.

List any Modeling experience.

List any TV, Film, Print exposure.

List any training/special skills.

Photo Credits.

The more details, the better we are able to promote you!!

Please email the above details together with your photos to Sara Grant at Absolute-Bikini.Com.

Thank you and good luck

You can also post your own photos here at our Bikini Post

A tip: Put your web address in the profile section so surfers can go to your site.

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Contact: Sara Grant at,

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