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Fitness Model

Wendi West

· E-mail: WendiWest@WNSO.com
· Age: 34
· Height: 5'7"
· Contest Weight: 135 lbs
· Location: Massachusetts
· Years Competing: 5
· Favorite Body Part: Shoulders
· Strongest Body Part: Shoulders
· Favorite Supplements: Hydroxycuts & Myoplex Lite Cappaccino Protein Powder

How did you get started?
I started competing in 1997 and have been addicted to the sport of fitness since! Once I graduated from college, I played sports (softball, volleyball) and taught aerobics but needed a new outlet to release my competitive energy. I have an extensive dance background and participated in high school and collegiate track-n-field. I saw the fitness competitions on ESPN and knew I could do well with the performance and athletic skills that I had.

What Workout plan worked best for you?
I prefer to workout in the early AM before I go to work. I get good results doing cardio on an empty stomach. It is easy to skip workouts after a long day at work so I get it done first thing before my day begins! I typically do cardio for 30-45 minutes 5 times a week and weights 3 times a week.

What is your basic nutrition plan?
I eat a well-balanced diet all year round. I try to stay within 5-7 lbs of my competition weight. It is too hard to take weight off so it is just easier to maintain a healthy diet and weight all year round. I eat basic foods such as: eggs, chicken, fish, vegetables, nuts, oatmeal, and lots of salads!

What Supplements have given you the greatest gains?
I don't take many supplements. I try to get all my nutrition through natural and good food sources. I take Hydroxycuts 5-6 weeks before a competition to help lose the last 5 lbs and to obtain more energy.

Why do you love fitness?
In general, fitness challenges me physically and mentally. I like to keep in shape because I feel better about myself, relieve stress, and have energy to achieve the small goals I set for each day. Competing gives me a goal to strive for which keeps me consistent with my diet and training. I can't imagine my life without exercise.

What are your future Fitness Plans?
I would like to become a choreographer/trainer for women interested in competing in fitness. I think I would have a lot to offer because of the knowledge, experience, and achievements I have gained throughout my competitive career. I would also like to continue to be a judge at Regional events and at National events once I stop competing.

Tell us about competing with World Natural Sports.
My first experience with WNSO resulted in my first National fitness title (2003 Canada Nationals). WNSO put on professional shows that are well organized and attracts top-notch athletes. The prizes aren't so bad either :)

What one tip would you give other fitness competitors?
Learn something about how to improve yourself each time you step on stage! Ask for the judges' feedback so you can make adjustments to either your routine or physique so you score better next time you compete.

Who are your Favorite Fitness Competitors/Bodybuilders?
Kelly Ryan and Jenny Hendershott are my favorite fitness competitors to watch. They always have amazing routines and phenomenal physiques.

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