Viviana Soldano
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Viviana Soldano

Fitness Model

I was born in GENOA, Italy where I grew up and lived half of my life.

My father, Sergio Soldano, a world famous clothing and fur designer (Sergio Soldano - the furrier to the the stars) has designed for famous actresses like Gina Lollobrigida, Elizabeth Taylor, Ursula Andress, Raquel Welch, Monica Vitti, and many many more.

I definitely grew up in a fashion world full of creativity, hard work, and lots of tall and beautiful women.....especially my mom.

Growing up and watching my parents work as hard as they did made me realize that anything is possible to achieve with hard work and lots of dedication.

Thanks to my father's creations, I experienced the world of high fashion modeling at a very young age. I always hoped I would grow a few inches taller, but it never happened.

So when I came to Los Angeles, California after living a few years in Virginia and Florida, I continued to pursue my modeling as a hobby. Eventually I found myself very much involved in fitness, and growing up with lots of sports and dance background.

Fitness and especially weight training soon became a priority. I got my personal training license and I currently work as a trainer /nutritionist and model in Southern California.

You can find me in many different magazines and books and paintings from all around the world.

I also compete in figure division, and I am currently eligible for national level here in the USA, so please keep up with me, think of me and pull for me.

My motto is to give your best and be successful in everything you choose to do, without sacrificing LOVE and HAPPINESS that life......(the most precious gift from GOD).........brings.

Love, Viviana.

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