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The Fantasitic

Shannon Davies

Birthyear / sign
Aug30th 1982/Virgo

Province / City of residence
I'm currrently living in Prince George,BC but have resided in many other places
through BC and Alberta, such as, Fort st. John (born and raised) Dawson Creek,
Salmon Arm & Sylvan Lake

Current career activities
I just started modeling informally this past year and it's been a blast! I've
opened and designed my opn website, met a ton of people and learned alot. If
I'm not out of town doing a shoot you can find me either at a local night club
working the beer barrel, at the local casino slot attending or come winter at
the Univeristy Of Northern BC studying yet my third year to gain a degree in
environmental Science.

Favourite activities, adventure
I love adventure! When I travel to exotic places Im not one of those people who
dont leave the resort, Im the one who likes to be dropped in the middle of it
all sleeping under the stars and hanging with the locals. Saying that, Id have
to note that traveling is one of my true passions. I've been to every content
but one so far (Antartica). You havent experienced life to the fullest until
you've seen other destinations, really.

My favourite activites have a lot to do with the outside. I was raised by my
father mainly, in saying that, I'm somewhat of a tomboy. I love fishing,
camping, off-roading, even hunting. If I'm not adventuring outside Im probably
shopping, watching a movie, or on the net. Yes the net, no I'm not a nerd, but
since I've had my website I am somewhat addicted.

My favourite food? Geesh, a lot. I really love food. Anything from Elk-steak
and potatoes to exotic indian food, I can appreciate a good meal. When Im in
a hurry my fave fast food stop is subway. I go there a lot actually, I even
have my subtype down to a T ... "6-inch veggie on herb & cheese....Jack
Cheese....Lettuce....Lotsa Tomatoes...Lotsa Lotsa Green peppers....Little bita
onion....Mayo....two swipes vinegar....two swipes oil...pepper'' and thats it
you have yourself a Shannon-Sub.

Things I hates in a guy / Things I wishes guys would realize.
Working in a night club the past four years of my life a learned alot about the
different types of guys out there. The ones I dislike the most are those guys
who walk in all serious like and snobby.... You know the ones that think their
gods gift to women, their really easy to read. I wish these guys would realize
that although confidence is a turn on cockiness is a Major-turn off, there is a

View my website here

Ideal date / night out
My ideal night out is being the craziest you ever have been and not waking up in
the drunk tank..lol.. just jokin (or am I).
My ideal date is going out with a guy and his friends, and being the only
girlfriend there. It really means something when your guy brings you out on a
so-called boys night out, eventhough he may get in crap from his buddies it
scores major points with us

First Public Appearance: Fashion Show age 5

First & Fave Alcoholic Drink: First was Tequila and my fave today is a Monkey’s Lunch

First Vehicle: My ‘89 Toyota 4-runner, which I still have.. I’m attached

First Thing I'd Save from a Fire: Besides a Human Being? My Kitty Tissa.. everything else insurance can cover

First Impression I Give: Honestly it varies from person to person, but Id have to say most people find me very aggressive

Exotic Places I’ve Traveled in order: Hyder-Alaska, Costa-Rica, California, Baja-Mexico, Aruba, Amsterdam, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Australia, Cuba

Long-Term Goal: First and foremost to be happy in life! And not regret the person I came to be. Career Wise I hope to be an Environmental Technologist overseas.

What I’d do with a million dollars: Pay off all my debt and help family members too as well, invest, travel.. And of course shop a little

Photo Shoots and Model Assignments

Belle Photo, Art Nouveau Merchandise, Creations Car Club Website, Mega-Hurtz Photography, DP Photography, DP Photography, Ricardo Alberto Leiva Photography, Bartercard Miss Indy Pageant, Forever Young Photography, Amman Photography, Placed in a Variety of Bikini contests w/in BC & Alberta.


Pictures on the World Wide Net, Online Cinnamyn Magazine, Mystical Journeys #3345, Canada Kicks Ass Personal Gallery, Mega Hurtz Photography, Many Different Websites, Shawn Lam: Miss-Indy Video Producer, CIRX 94.3 FM, Paradox Productions, “PG This Week” Newspaper, “PG This Week” Newspaper, Various Media appearances, “UMM” Magazine.

View my website here


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