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Lisa Grace

Age ** 20

Web address** http://www.lisagrace.com

Height ** 5'9 1/4"

Weight ** 135 lb

Bust Size? ** 34C

Hometown ** Ridgefield, CT

Hobbies ** music, holistic medicine, fitness, computers

Modeling experience. 5 yrs modeling experience - promotional modeling for companies like Armani, Covergirl, Max Factor, Olay, Ciroc Vodka, Procter&Gamble and more, Hawaiian Tropic regional semi-finalist, shoots for various photographers, internet publicity.

TV, Film, Print exposure. not yet... but hopefully soon :)

Training/special skills. violinist for 17 yrs, kickboxing, computer skills

Photo Credits. Jason Christopher and Dan Howell

Visit My Web Site Here

Aloha to everyone! I'm Lisa Grace... web model, musician, artist, basically a girl of all trades. The girl whose smile never dies ... You're seeing one side of me here as a model - I love to shoot and I'll tell you why. Brace yourself for my philosophical interpretation on modeling

I shoot because this is the chance that society allows me to let go of all inhibition and bring to life all types of feelings and desires that people always keep to themselves. It's such a great feeling to let go and just "make love" to the camera in a way - completely bare and pure. Look at my face in every picture.. there's something behind my eyes… I'm thinking about something… maybe it's you? :-)

After being a musician for 17 years and counting.. Yes that is a very long time and I can serenade you until your mouth is gaping open LOL You can tell that I am very passionate about music, the notes resound in my head as often as blood flows through my veins - all the time. It has given me an artistic edge to many different areas of my life, one being modeling. As I'm shooting, all the movements are fluid and in a way sexy, it's about the beauty of a woman and desire and feeling all coming alive together. I can be sensual, I can be contemplative, I can feel whatever I want to feel and make you feel it as well... if you will let me... and to me that is the principal behind music. So there you have it, I have drawn my parallel… modeling is my form of "liquid music".

Now I have either confused you with my bizarre illogical thinking, or you are still following me with my remarkably extraordinary logic ... alright that's enough of the adjectives... I'm just messin' with ya :-) j/k I hope you see the reason behind why I model, I do it because it's my art form, I'm not exactly the world's best painter .. I wish I could do stick figures a bit more justice... but nevertheless I do try... this is my way of making a beautiful picture, setting the mood, making you feel something that you did not feel before… or just me trying to turn you on... ok I'm messin' with ya again. All in all I'm just a laid back girl and nothing makes me happier than to put a smile on someone's face and brighten up your day, if I can do that much then I have accomplished my job. I hope you enjoy the world of Lisa Grace, you never know what I'm gonna do next so keep on watching, keep the site alive, peace and smiles to all and God bless!

Visit My Web Site Here

All photos copyright© of Lisa Grace


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