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Laura Lester

Email rippedbad@comcast.net

Web address: www.onemodelplace.com/model_list.cfm?ID=19919

Height 5' 6"

Weight 120

Bust Size 34D

Hometown: Concord, NH

Hobbies: working out and spending time with family

Will you accept email from visitors. yes

List any Modeling experience: I am currently featured with:

1. starlauncher (ID #163)
2. www.area309models.com (East Coast Models)
3. Model Attic (ID #639)
4. www.bikiniauditions.com (Most Voted Top 10 BikiniAuditions.com Bikini Models)
5. www.roadrock.com/roadrockgirls.asp
6. MeYouSee calendar contest
7. pepmodels (model #923)
8. Mami Magazine on-line contest
9. www.firemates.com
10. www.hardcoreairsoft.com
11. www.hermuscles.com
12. was featured in the December, 2003 issue of the Steele
Jungle publication
13. www.criticalbench.com/Laura-Lester.htm
14. cam one.com
15. www.egoswimwearmodels.com
16. www.desertvalleypromotions.com

I am a part-time Hooter girl.

Placed 3rd and 4th in a few bodybuilding competitions in 1995
Placed 2nd in a few bodybuilding competitions in 1996
Placed 1st in both bodybuilding competitions that I entered in 1997 and won best poser in both competitions as well

I have worked with the following photographers:

1. Mike Brochu #5244 (New Hampshire)

~~"Laura is always a delight to work with, prompt
and professional with excellent posing skills and
a positive, upbeat attitude which is sure to add
lots of wonderful new images to any photographers
Book." Mike Brochu - OMP #5244

2. Photography By Peter #5078 (Massachusetts)
3. Images of Sandwich #4324 (New Hampshire)

~~"I had the pleasure of working with Laura a few
months back and it was a very pleasant
experience. She came to my studio on time,
prepared, and with a super attitude. I have to
admit I was a bit taken by her physical
appearance, she has a very strong and commanding
stature and at first I thought she might be
difficult to work with. Just the opposite she was
kind, gentle, and has a wonderful sense of humor.
If you have the chance to work with Laura go for
it, you won't be disappointed."
Marshall Nye - OMP #4324

4. RichardsRacePics #20880 (Texas)

~~"Laura it was a real pleasure working with you.
You were very professional and went from one pose
to the next without direction. I wish we were
closer I would like to work with you everyday.
Thank you for making my job so easy and ending up
with GREAT shots." Owen Richards - OMP #20880

5. Images By Allen #293 (Massachusetts)
6. FotosbyKevin #8804 (Arizona)

~~"Laura is a truely remarkable model! She gives
100% to every shoot and is professional in every
way." Kevin Schirmer - OMP #8804

7. Mike Eckstut #4946 (Florida)

~~"Laura came well-prepared and added a lot of value to the shoot. She has great energy and gave me her maximum effort. Very dilligent and a good model." Mike Eckstut - OMP #4946

8. Ron Apuzzo #11041 (Vermont)
9. Matthew B. Harrison #21980 (Massachusetts)
10. Katja Lynne Photography #50071 (Massachusetts)
11. FilmNStuff Studios #37998 (Massachusetts)
12. Dwayne & Sarah Thomas #42859 (Connecticut)

~~"Laura is a Great model to work with. She shows up in a timely manner, very easy to get in touch with, and a great communicator. She naturally moves for her poses and knows all the right spots to "make it right". Laura makes a photo shoot into a Great Photo Shoot. She WILL make it big!" Dwayne & Sarah Thomas - OMP #42859

13. Richard Sadler #3820 (Connecticut)

~~"Laura is an absolute pleasure and inspiration to work with. She showed up on time for our shoot and with a fantastic attitude even though she had to travel over 2 1/2 hours to get to my studio. She is equally as great when posing on her own or when being directed. Naturally moving from one pose to the next with beautiful form and expressions yet able to stop and maintain a pose if required. Laura is a very beautiful, intelligent, and imaginative model who will make any photo session a success. Modeling for my fantasy art is a challenging job and she made it very easy and extremely inspirational".
Richard Sadler - OMP #3820

14. Mike Williams #2705 (Connecticut)

~~Working with Laura Lester was more beneficial to me personally than professionally. She brought her skills to the table that far exceeded my expectations. I say that working with her means more to me personally in that I feel I've gained a long term friend in the process. I'll gladly work with Laura on a variety of projects. To me that is the best recommendation I could ever make. To be willing to work again means more to me than simple, she was nice, she was fun and all those cliche's that get thrown around. We are all here to create images, not take them. With Laura, we created. I worked with her about the emotional aspect of modeling and the importance of thinking about the viewer's response. I saw in Laura, growth throughout the day and she grew as a model, as I grew as a person. Thank you Laura. You are welcome here any time for any reason our paths cross.
Mike Williams - OMP #2705

15. Adam Chait #20552 (Massachussetts)

~~"I wanted to thank you for your promptness arriving to the shoot. Your attitude is excellent and very mature. Your desire to work on a shot and willingness to do what it takes to achieve that shot is very welcomed. I wish you the best in your modeling endeavors. It was my honor to work with you and would gladly do it again."
Adam Chait - OMP #20552

16. Hal Yarbrough #1740 (Michigan)

~~"I met Laura at an event in Florida and was THRILLED to say the least with her abilities as a model. She is friendly, professional, and takes direction well when needed. I was so happy to have had the chance to work with Laura and I encourage PROFESSIONAL photographers and agencies to employ her for work."
Hal Yarbrough - OMP #1740

17. Jose Miranda #1449 (Florida)

~~"I really liked working with you. You were able to take direction right away. You were quick with your poses and an overall delight to work with you."
Jose Miranda - OMP #1449

18. Matt Robinson #5266 (Florida)

~~"You were absolutely wonderful to work with. You moved naturally, took direction extremely well, and were one of the most pleasant models attending the event. You have a smile that says "I'm the sweetest person alive" and a body that says "I can beat up Oscar De La Hoya"."
Matt Robinson - OMP #5266

19. Mickey Sehorn #33448 (Oklahoma)

20. Jeff Somers #9448 (New Jersey)

21. Randy Brown #5811 (Texas)

~~"Laura, you were one of the best models that I worked with at the Bikini USA competition. Your professionalism and great attitude made for a great experience and some great photos. I'd encourage anyone to schedule you for a shoot, I'm sure they'll be glad they did. I look forward to the time we can work together again."
Randy Brown - OMP #5811

22. Al Scuderi #33068 (New Jersey)

23. Jim Ferguson #2092 (Florida)

24. Matt Hummel (California)

~~"Laura has been a true pleasure to work with. I appreciate both her professionalism and sincere dedication."
Matthew Hummel - Chief Photographer, Fit Body Magazine

25. Steve Mick #73478 (Tennessee)

26. Brent Allen

TV, Film, Print exposure: Soon to be featured in Natural Body Building magazine to promote a bodybuilding show to be held in Concord, NH next year

List any training/special skills: I work out with weights and cardio 4 days a week

View my website here



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