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Fitness Model

Karen Lisa Borders

· Name:Karen Lisa Borders
· E-mail: Karenlisa@WNSO.com
· Age: 30
· Height: 5'7.5
· Contest Weight: 126lbs
· Location: Mississauga
· Years Competing: 3
· Favorite Body Part: legs
· Strongest Body Part: legs
· Favorite Supplements: glutamine, antioxidants, Udo's Oil

How did you get started?

I was an all-round athlete as a child and never could sit still…I just never grew out of it and have always loved to stay active regardless of what type of sport or activity I am doing.

What Workout plan worked best for you?

Cross Training to the max! My body tends to adapt quickly and my changes/results plateau after only about 6 weeks. I always change my workout regimen: either repetitions, weights increased/reduced, type of movement or equipment used ie. Cables vs free weights


What is your basic nutrition plan?

Lots of lean protein (I love chicken!) plus green vegetables and brown rice or sweet potato as a carbohydrate source.

What Supplements have given you the greatest gains?

I use glutamine for increased muscle repair, antioxidants like vitamins A, C , E and selenium. Udo's Oil is a must - it is my main source of fat all year round. I have cycled creatine off season and use a whey protein powder as a late night snack.

Why do you love fitness?

I can't understand how people let themselves go - we only have the one body and we should all strive to respect it and keep it in optimal shape. This allows other areas of our life to be affected in a positive way (more energy, less illness etc) Working within the healthcare industry, I see sick people all the time - not me; I want to be that eighty year old woman running the Boston marathon and looking great for my age!

What are your future Fitness Plans?

I like to keep my options wide open; I set various goals for myself all the time - it's what drives me to be the best person I can be. For now, lots of fitness modeling and competing for me is addictive - I have done fitness, fitness model and figure - hmmmm bodybuilding next (hahaha)???

Tell us about competing with World Natural Sports

I can't say enough good things about the organization that has supported me throughout my fitness career. They believed in me when I first stood on stage not knowing a thing about the industry and placing 2nd overall! They continually ask for ideas and are willing to listen to the competitors side of things. That is why the shows get better and bigger every year!

What have you found different about World Natural Sports compared to other events you may have competed in?

Great advertisement = great coverage in all the major fitness venues= great exposure for all athletes = opportunity in the industry.

What one tip would you give other fitness competitors

. Don't think about it, just do it!! You'll never feel fully ready for a show - just get on stage and strut your stuff; improvement will come over time when you learn from your mistakes at the last show…..also, use the shows as your main resource for networking - introduce yourself to everyone and be sure to stay in touch with other competitors/organizers/sponsors etc.

Who are your Favorite Fitness Competitors/Bodybuilders?

Cory Everson, Liz Curtis, Sylvia Tremblay, Mia Finnegan, Kelly Ryan, Margaret Diubaldo

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