Kaila Yu
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Kaila Yu

I was born 22 years ago on May 16th on a cold night in Taipei, Taiwan.

I moved to California when I was three years old and grew up in the
Sunshine State. My childhood was really fun because I had a vivid
imagination and loved to put on shows for my family. My mom kept me
extremely busy with piano classes, ballet lessons, tap dancing
classes, Chinese folk dancing classes, cello lessons, speech contests,
Chinese school, SAT classes, I was on the swim team and joined the
cross country team in high school.
My favorite part of my childhood was when I organized singing musicals
and plays for the neighborhood with my cousins and the neighborhood
children. I was a confident kid but I became shy when I skipped a
grade in elementary school. I was suddenly out of my element and I
became painfully shy. No longer a confident kid in school, I had few
close friends and studied hard in my classes. I was a nerd throughout
junior high and into high school.

High school was the least favorite part of my life as I had no sense
of style, was painfully shy, and had strict parents who would not let
me go out! (not that any guy ever asked me out on a date in high
school!) The school yearbook committee wanted to vote me as the shyest
girl in my grade but I asked them not to because it was kind of an
insulting title!

The biggest change in my life came when I graduated high school and
went to attend college at UCSD. Believe it or not, my goal at the time
was to become a plastic surgeon and I entered college with a biology
degree. I was free for the first time in my life and far away from my
strict parents! I finally overcame my shyness and partied like crazy.
I met my first and only two boyfriends to date while at UCSD. My
second boyfriend fully supported my desire to pursue a career in the
entertainment business. I needed to be in Los Angeles to pursue
modeling and singing so I transferred to UCLA.

It was hard breaking into the industry and I met lots of shady
characters and con artists along the way. I had to learn to build
KailaYu.com by reading HTML for Dummies!! But I got my website up and
running. I got noticed by the Import industry and Playboy Magazine and
finally I got to follow my dream. I'm not going to go into detail
about how I made it to where I am today since im sure no one is still
reading this far into my bio! Since I have achieved everything that I
hoped to in modeling, my heart is completely focused on music now. I
know the road is going to be a lot tougher than the modeling
industry…but I'm on my way!

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