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John Morrison


My introduction to photography was a unique one. There were no photography schools or assisting years. I am self taught with various Ansel Adams black and white seminars behind me focusing on the fine art of print making, something I have always done myself.

My start came in the form of a "pack mule" for a biologist doing his masters on the Grizzly Bear and its habitat! Within the interior of British Columbia often 10 days into remote, untread wilderness areas, my biologist employer and I would sit and observe sights humans would never in a lifetime hope to ever witness. During those moments, as well as gaining incredible pictures of mother Grizzlies and their cubs wrestling in the morning sunrise, I gained a deep respect and compassion for all of Gods creatures and to this day will is the earths greatest predator.

Magazines and tourism agencies wanted not only the images but the stories behind them and so the idea of taking pictures for a living was born.

With a love of the mountains and those "wild places", the possibility of bringing a sense of awareness to the public through photos soon transpired into an advertising train of thought whereby the blend of ideas, words and pictures to convey a message lead me into commercial/advertising photography.

A very good friend of mine and one who could be respectfully called an "old timer" has a saying.....NOW never happens again.

I was amused with the simplicity and truth of his statement. I am always challenged by it. Being more aware and conscientious of my surroundings and to be ready to, not only see the moment, but attempt to get it on film as well. At least give it a good try!

The translation of concept to film is an interestingly fun and rewarding endeavor. I guess people who try to accomplish this are called photographers.

I very much value the experience of having worked in all kinds of situations with all sorts of personalities.

Advertising, fashion, music, photography, are constantly evolving and this keeps it challenging. Challenge and commitment are two elements I embrace and just a few reasons I love mountaineering and rock climbing as well. The world in which we live is as fragile as it is beautiful.

Being "out there" in the physical sense as well as photographically is exciting. Facing new challenges, new concepts to make into images, it's all good!

John Morrison

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