Divini Rae
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Divini Rae Sorenson
Sign: Leo
Ht. 5'8
Measurements: 36C - 26 - 36
Birthplace: Alaska
Hair: Natural Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Ambitions: To invest in real estate in the U.S., continue in publishing, and be a wonderful wife and mother someday
Turn-ons: Genuiness, courage, wisdom, confidence, charisma, sophistication, and people who join my site
Turn-offs: Negativity, gossip, jealousy, narcissism, and hypocritical puritanism
Places I've called home: Alaska, Oregon, Australia, New York City, and L.A.
Items I can't live without: A bottle of water at all times, a notepad and pen, dental floss, chapstick, mango butter lotion and antibacterial hand sanitizer

How could a girl as gorgeous as Divini Rae have escaped our attention until now? Maybe the fact that she spent much of her life in a remote Alaskan fishing village has something to do with it. "The only way to reach the village is by plane in the winter or by boat in the summer," Divini says. "Most of the other kids in town had televisions, but we weren't allowed to watch TV. Nevermind which, we didn't have electricity." Despite the long winters, Divini grew up with a disposition as sunny as her name: "My Mother told me that the first thing she thought of when I was born was that I was like a divine ray of sunshine, and that's why she decided to name me Divini Rae."

Growing up in a home with no running water or electricity, Divini became an avid reader and graduated from high school with honors, one year early. She then studied psychology and journalism at an Oregon college on a two-year academic scholarship before a vacation in Sydney, Australia led to modeling, hosting, acting, and voice-over work. She lived between Sydney and New York for five years before moving to Los Angeles. Divini dabbled in acting work down under, guest starring on the popular TV drama Above the Law, soap opera Home and Away, and hosting a show on which she interviewed sports celebrities. "I never had any ambition to be an actress - or a model for that matter - but I had a great time working on some excellent shows and shooting some great campaigns."

She even launched her own monthly magazine, SWAY (Sydney Will Amaze You), documenting the city's abundant nightlife. "Hef granted me an interview for the special edition issue of SWAY, and that issue is now a collector's item," she says. Now the entrepreneur is busy putting together a sexy calendar of Playmate friends to be sold on her website, DiviniRae.com. "I've never produced or published a calendar before, and it's going to be smokin'," she says. Miss November's enthusiasm for what lies around the corner is infectious.

This is one brainy beauty whose hands are never idle. "It's rare that I relax," she says. "I have so much energy that I do sit-ups to feel productive while I watch one of my favorite TV shows, Will & Grace." She's just as focused about the type of guy she likes to hang out with. "I'm into the person, not looks," she says. "I know that sounds cliché, but it's true. I'm attracted to charisma, wisdom, and sophistication - someone who is articulate, likes to read, has a silly, strange sense of humor, and is easygoing. I like men to be men, and I want to be treated like a lady - open doors for me, speak respectfully. I'm not into the bad-boy thing or celebrity egos: Just gentlemen with manners for me."

"I told my Mother that Playboy simply helps a woman recognize her sexuality and embrace it in a beautiful way. I feel very comfortable in my skin. I've never been terribly inhibited or reserved, which is odd because I'm from an extremely conservative family," Divini says.

A model and actress for over a decade, Divini is now becoming well-known for her pin-up photography, which she features on her website: DiviniRae.com.

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