Christy Longo
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Christy Longo

Let me introduce Christy Longo from Chicago, IL (U.S.A.) As we stand by as we watch her sought after dreams become a reality: not to be a princess, but a professional on photographs. She has various experience with several photographers and runway work as well. Her unique looks and size make her appealing to all. As you browse her sample portfolio - You will wish she would sit in a pose for your next bikini or fitness layout. Not to mention her desire play in your new music or commercials. Please check her availability for your next project.

Christy is available for international travel as well as local fun, exciting work. She has spend time all over the US, Europe Italy, and Holland. Can you imagine her between tulips, windmills and on wooden shoes? Please let Christy tell you about the amazing Kurhaus Hotel in Scheveningen and all the canals in Amsterdam. On her next adventure to Europe she definitely wishes to visit Paris 'La cité d' amour' and Barcelona 'Machar sombre La Rambla'. We can not forget to mention her favorite places nearby like: Canada, Mexico, Bahamas and Antigua.

In conclusion we can not forget to mention her kind heart. Living with notion of Real love & Friendship being the most important thing in our lives. She comments; "You can live without food, but not without love". Thank you to all my friends worldwide for keeping the faith in me. You made me come this far, fuff you".

Favorite Quote: “I have finally found the paradox in love. To love so much it hurts, is not actually hurt, its love” Mother Theresa

Born and raised in Chicago. Christy finds her Italian heritage giving her that sharp Latin look. She speaks fluent Italian and English.

As a teen she competed and won beauty contests. Miss Teen Chicago and Miss Congeniality. Then went on to attended the famous modeling school owned by John Robert Powers. But she never let her crowns and trophies keep her from education.

She graduated from Chicago's school for Art. Having a degree in Graphic Design and pursuing her graduates in business management – Although her capability to design this site is known, she decide it is better that someone with a different perspective take this job. She chose Martin, one of her right hand men and good friend in Holland. He is also the big person behind and the (web) designer for the famous Longo's Lounge Parties & Connect 'N Progress.

Her passion to study art From the work of her favorite painters Salvador Dalí and Vincent van Gogh and the architect Antoine Gaudí. She has visited both museums. Dali being in St. Pete, FL and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, lovely!

She loves to work out in my favorite gym. Power shopping and getting pampered..

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