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Fitness Model


· E-mail: arystabogner@hotmail.com
· Age: 22
· Height: 5'6
· Contest Weight: 130
· Location: Port Colborne, Ontario
· Years Competing: 1.5 yrs
· Favorite Body Part: Abdominals
· Strongest Body Part: Abdominals
· Favorite Supplements: Glutamine, and ISO XP

How did you get started?

Born into my family's photography business and introduced to the spotlight at a very early age by my parents, I have learned a lifetime of experience in the industry, both in front of and behind the camera. Throughout my high school career I was actively involved with athletics and during my first few years at university, I tried out for a few teams, but could not properly perform due to reoccurring lower leg injuries. As a fierce competitor, it was extremely frustrating not being able to execute at the highest level like I did in high school. I wanted my body to be healthy and pain free and that is when I made a decision that would ultimately change my life … I embraced a personal, life long dream and entered into the world of Fitness Modeling! Transforming body and mind, both physically and mentally, it has become my new sport and goal to conquer.

What "workout plan" has worked best for you?

Over the years I have tried many different conventional routines and methods in the gym. Recently though, I have been training with innovative techniques that are unconventional to the fitness world. I utilize these techniques to precisely sculpt my body exactly the way I want to, doing "Full Body" workouts, five days a week. They are high intensity, muscular endurance exercises, focusing on eccentric and dynamic movements, incorporating high repetition. I strive to construct a very original, fit and feminine physique.

What is your basic nutrition plan?

I believe that what I do in the gym, is a very distant second to nutrition and rest. These two components are most important for any type of training and for optimal growth and recovery. I follow a very simple, balanced diet consisting of a mix of high protein, good fat and complex carbohydrates, including fruits and vegetables. I try to eat six meals to increase my metabolism, drinking plenty of water throughout my day.

What supplements have given you the greatest gains?

The supplements I presently use are Isolate Whey Protein and Glutamine.

Why do you love fitness?

It allows me to express myself as an athlete, an artist and a model. I believe fitness to be an art form in that it takes careful precision and planning to sculpt your body through the rigors of training and nutrition. It becomes an ongoing learning process of experimentation and continual refinement, much like that of classical artists. Your body becomes a work of art that is as unique as the signature of an artist, in which no two are alike. The pursuit of absolute perfection can never be achieved, but the process of transforming your body into a masterpiece is exhilarating.

What are your future fitness plans?

I am a Model with the Fame Agency, having worked on a television show for the Discovery Network and an Elliptical Trainer Infomercial. After the FAME Worlds, I plan to continue seeking exposure in the Fitness Modeling industry and also travel to the United States to compete in various competitions and pageants. I am currently designing my website which will be launched in late spring and my future endeavors include: continuing auditions for acting and modeling jobs; personal training; coaching and owning a Gym and Art & Photography Gallery.

Tell us about competing with World Natural Sports.

With the ambition of becoming a Fitness and Role Model, I started competing with the World Natural Sports Organization in September 2003. I placed 16th out of over 200 contestants at the FAME Fitness Model Search in May 2004 and 3rd at the Molson Indy Competitions in July 2004. On the anniversary of my first show in September 2004, I competed at the 'Toronto Man Show' placing 1st, attaining my Professional Status and "PRO Card". This has enabled me to compete on stage with the world's best Pro Fitness Models at the FAME Worlds in June of 2005!

What have you found different about World Natural Sports compared to other events you may have competed in?

I have never competed with any other organization other than the WNSO. It is an excellent group with many great people and I am excited to be working with them. I look forward to a prosperous future!

What one tip would you give other fitness competitors?

I would advise other competitors to take "baby steps" toward achieving "performance" goals, rather than "outcome" goals.

Who are your favorite fitness competitors/bodybuilders?

The competitors/bodybuilders that I look up to include: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu, Monica Brant and Margaret Diubaldo.

Who do you see as your closest rival to taking the overall title and what strategy do you plan on implementing?

The two competitors that I look up to the most are Margaret Diubaldo and Alicia Denson. I admire them for their grace, poise and winning smile. The only sort of strategy or "game plan" for the competition that I plan to implement is to concern myself with the most important contestant … ME. I compete with only one person, and the determination I have to beat myself is what will take me to the top.


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