Anaiah Veras
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Anaiah Veras

I’ve been modeling for nearly three years now. My images consist usually of glamour, bikini, lingerie, promo and artistic nude.
What first peeked my interest in pursuing a modeling career was some years back, I went to a Budweiser party with my friends. The photographer there, much to my surprise, had me displayed on the Budweiser Party site at least six times out of 30 photos. I was feeling pretty hot and motivated at that point. It helped that I didn’t look half bad.

My goals are much like a little girl’s high-end Christmas list:

Land a contract with a well-known fashion industry or product line.

Maintain consistent recognition for my form and physique from various health & fitness magazines.

Start my own business in the fashion industry, targeting hot petite women.

Begin making a name for myself in the Sit-com entertainment industry

Branch off into music & various styles of dance from Hip hop to Mediterranean belly dancing. I don’t know why I find their culture and way of life so fascinating, but their style of dance just blows me away.

Write a fictional best-seller symbolizing my life and air it on Lifetime for Women.

I believe everyone should have dreams: Big ones!!! Not the little ones you settle for because you think the stars are beyond your reach. These are the things that get you out of bed before sunset. Do what you truly desire to do.

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