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Fitness Model

Allison Ethier

· E-mail: AllisonEthier@WNSO.com
· Age: 27
· Height: 5'4"
· Contest Weight: 125lbs
· Location: Lennoxville, Quebec
· Years Competing: 4
· Favorite Body Part:
· Strongest Body Part: legs
· Favorite Supplements:
Whey protein - Whey cooler from PVL any flavor
Multivitamin, Glutamine, Aminos, ALA, CLA

How did you get started?
I needed a goal to achieve besides working out to get into my skinny pants. It was the breakup with a boyfriend that really enabled me to finally go through with my first competition. Anger is a great motivator.

What Workout plan worked best for you?
I work a 4-day split, with lots of cardio. During the last 8 weeks I am doing upwards of 12 cardio sessions a week to really get the weight off. Near the end I become addicted to sweating and feel as though all I do is eat, train, sleep and shower.

What is your basic nutrition plan?
Same thing as every other competitor - protein, lots of veggies, water, low carbohydrates, moderate fat, regimented eating plan, and plenty of patience.

What Supplements have given you the greatest gains?
Nothing in particular gave me the greatest gains, but the first time I was really lean I had used liquid creatine by Muscle Marketing USA. I had never been that fit, and in shape before and really had a breakout moment in 2001. I had placed 3rd at the FAME World Championships up from 8th place the year before. I received lots of positive feedback from fellow competitors on what I did differently, perhaps this was the secret ingredient

.Why do you love fitness?
I love to be in the spotlight, showcase what I can do. I give so much of myself for my profession of teaching that fitness is time for me to take something back for my competitive spirit and creative side.

What are your future Fitness Plans?
Continue for at least another 2-3 years and see where the competitions can take me. I enjoy meeting all the women who do compete as immediately we can relate to each other on an athletic level.

Tell us about competing with World Natural Sports
I have been competing for WNSO since the beginning. The first fitness show was at a local high school gym, in the Greek area of Toronto. There were only 5 girls competing including myself. Since then the shows have grown to over 250 girls. Very impressive! WNSO continues to grow in the right direction putting the needs of the athlete first, with everything else being secondary. They make each athlete feel special and appreciated for competing.

What have you found different about World Natural Sports compared to other events you may have competed in?
The superiority of the awards and appreciations that are given to the winners, and even to those that don't place in the top spots.

What one tip would you give other fitness competitors?
I would do as much research as possible before competing, including watching a show. There is so much that occurs on the day of the show that can be often overlooked by the novice. I would start with a very local unpublicized show to begin competing. It is competing against those that have 30 or more shows under their belt that can be intimidating and overwhelming. Be patient, and if you are a beginning most organizations like WNSO have divisions for beginners, so that you can get your feet wet instead of having to dive in head first.

Who are your Favorite Fitness Competitors/Bodybuilders?
I don't really have one that stands out. I enjoy watching all women of fitness, figure or even bikini or model. I appreciate all their hard work in training and dieting and admire their confidence to get up onstage and show it all off. Even as a woman I can look at another and say, 'hey she is beautiful' without taking anything away from myself. Men don't seem to be open to such things.

Who do you see as your closest rival to taking the overall title and what strategy do you plan on implementing?
Wendi West is a strong competitor, with great talent, and skill. It is the skill that really is great to watch. Sure anyone can have some props and good presentation, but it is skills that I really appreciate. I hear that Sherri-McCall will be returning to the stage after her baby, and she is very agile, and creative. Not to mention their heights - I am only 5'4" and they are both at least 5' 7" if not more.

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