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Fitness Model

Linda-Rose Murphy

Fitness Competitor VITAL STATS

· E-mail: LindaRose@WNSO.com
· Website: http://www.lindasite.com
· Age: 30
· Height: 4'10
· Contest Weight: 96lbs
· Location: Boston, MA
· Years Competing: One
· Favorite Body Part: Legs
· Strongest Body Part: Quads
· Favorite Supplements: MetRx, Vanilla flavored, Whey Protein

How did you get started?
My husband and I went to support his friend, writer and bodybuilder Ron Harris, at a local show. I had never attended a competition before and didn't really know what to expect. Before that day, I had never even heard of a fitness competition! As soon as the first fitness competitor took the stage and performed her routine, I knew it was something that I really wanted to do. I was so excited. I remember telling everyone who was sitting near me that I was going to do that someday.

What Workout plan worked best for you?
Currently I am in "off season mode" and I'm training 5 days per week and work each muscle group once during each week with the exception of my shoulders. This is muscle group that I have chosen to improve, therefore I work them twice, once at the beginning of the week and once near the end. Because I am a fitness competitor, I utilize my routine practices as a replacement for some of my cardio sessions. It definitely beats running on the treadmill or taking some monotonous aerobics class. It also helps me keep the routine polished and competition ready.
Monday: Routine Practice 30 minutes - triceps and shoulders
Tuesday Morning -- Hams and glutes
Tuesday evening - 45 minute aerobics class
Wednesday - Off
Thursday morning -biceps and chest
Thursday Evening - 45 minute aerobics class
Friday - 30-minute routine practice and shoulders
Saturday - 30-minute routine practice and quads
Sunday - Off

What is your basic nutrition plan?
I try to "eat clean" as much as possible but during the off season I will allow myself two cheat meals per week. I've been a vegetarian for 13 years so I have to pay extra special attention to make sure I am always taking in enough protein to stay healthy and also to make sure I am not inhibiting my muscle growth.

What Supplements have given you the greatest gains?
Metrx Protein Powder

Why do you love fitness?
A trained dancer since the age of three, I enjoy the opportunity to get up on stage and perform in front of an audience. I also love the challenges of the sport. During the routine round, a fitness competitor is judged on her strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and stage presentation. It is natural for an athlete to be strong in some of these areas and weak in others. I felt that in my first season, I was lacking the upper body strength to perform enough varied strength moves. So the challenge for me was to build functional strength in my upper body and incorporate more tricks into my routine. I have been working extremely hard on this goal. Please watch for me in 2005 because I will be bringing A LOT more strength to the table!! But this is only the beginning; now that I have new moves mastered its time to think of what else I can do to impress the judges. The possibilities for a routine are endless and a fitness competitor is only limited by two things, creativity and self-doubt. I have cast all self doubt out of the window and I'm pretty creative, if I do say so myself! I also have the help of one of the most creative minds in the industry, Cathy Savage, my fitness choreographer.

What are your future Fitness Plans?
To continue to compete and improve my performance and physique each time I step on stage.
To write about the sport and to help it gain exposure in the main stream, public eye.
To someday earn a national fitness title.
Through personal training, inspire and help others to maintain fit and healthy lifestyles
Tell us about competing with World Natural Sports
WNSO is a really fun and exciting organization to compete in because their productions are "top notch." They are an organization growing by leaps and bounds, and not just through their competitions but also by branching out as a talent agency and more. They are super to their athletes, keeping touch with them throughout the year and promoting them in any way they can.

What have you found different about World Natural Sports compared to other events you may have competed in?
WNSO is dedicated to a "natural" sport. It drug screens all of it's athletes and does not tolerate drug induced physiques. They are very strict about this rule and I find this extremely refreshing. My hopes for bodybuilding, fitness and figure are for these sports to gain more mainstream attention. I think the only way the general public will accept us is though these types of natural organizations. Therefore, I urge everyone to support organizations such as WNSO!

What one tip would you give other fitness competitors?
Believe in yourself!! Fitness is a wonderful sport but it's not always easy! There will be times when the path is not so rosy. You might hit a workout plateau, have a low placing in a contest, have trouble with an element of your routine, or be frustrated with your diet and so on. It's important to stay strong in the face of adversity. You WILL overcome! Stay focused on your goals and what you can do to reach them. There is no time for negative thinking, only time for a positive outlook and plan for the future!

Who are your Favorite Fitness Competitors/Bodybuilders?
I admire so many within the sport but one person in particular that I admire is Wendi West, FAME 2003 World Champion. She is the only fitness athlete that I know of who holds a national title in two different countries! Also, she is 100% a "natural" athlete. I think she deserves an enormous amount of respect within in the industry and I for one want to see her on the cover of a magazine. Oxygen? Are you reading this?

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